That moment when you first close your eyes….


The world Behind My Eyelids is a world of afterimages, memories, and imaginings. It is a world of dynamic movement, vigorous contradictions, lively debate, vivid recollections, and high-octane ideas. This is the world where thought and creativity merge. It is where processing takes place as I attempt to make sense of the jumble of the day's events or the outside reality. It is where objects are replaced by reflections of themselves.... reflections which float randomly about, bouncing off of, into, or away from each other on a background that is never static, but full of energy and mental activity.


These visual representations of the world behind my eyelids are like a conversation with myself. One can discern the debate between my left-brain, which seeks order, balance, form, and definition, and my right-brain which likes disorder, imbalance, abstraction, and ambiguity. In these paintings, one can see ideas (some well-formed, some not; some three dimensional, some not) dissolving and dripping into trickles and fragments as the eye moves around the surface of the canvas. One can see form emerging out of chaos or, perhaps, form dissolving into chaos depending on your point of view.

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© 2019 by Randy Zucker
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