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If I am out, I am usually out with my camera! I love capturing scenes that wow me! While many photographers will return to the scene over and over,  or wait hours for the perfect light, I like to shoot in that first moment when my attention has been grabbed and captivated., hoping to share that exact reaction with the viewer. Looking at these images, you can understand why I'm often accused of having my head in the clouds!


The photographs on this page are not highly manipulated. They may have been cropped for composition, or slightly adjusted for saturation or brightness to compensate for the lighting at the scene. To see my highly manipulated Digital Art Images, my Virtual Conceptions, go to my other website: The "straight photography" images on this page all measure 12 x 18 inches and are printed using archival quality inks and Premium Photo Paper.

Photos are priced at $125.00.

Hover Over Image With Your Mouse To See Title.

Mummy Mountain Sunset. Photograph by Randy Zucker.
Tranquil Tulips. hotograph by Randy Zucker.
Crescent Moon. hotograph by Randy Zucker.
Monterey Sunset. hotograph by Randy Zucker.
Early Morning Paddle Boarding. hotograph by Randy Zucker.
hotograph by Randy Zucker.
Backyard Sunset. Palm Trees. hotograph by Randy Zucker.
Backyard Sunrise. Church Steeple. Palm Trees. hotograph by Randy Zucker.
This Bud's For You. Tulips. Buds. Flowers. hotograph by Randy Zucker.
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