A lot has changed for women in the last few centuries... and a lot hasn't.


Women in the USA today still face the same general issues that their mothers and grandmothers did: their lives and work are consistently undervalued; Their looks and bodies are consistently overvalued; Their boundaries are often ignored and trampled; Their worth diminishes with age more so than men's does; Their words are not trusted, and they are blamed for what others inflict upon them;. In many countries worldwide they are still treated as property with fewer rights than men have. They face many more dangers than men, including forced child marriage, sex slavery, genital mutilation, and other horrors. Well I, for one, say "No. No more." Not this time. Not today." I, for one, say we will no longer be the #metoo movement… we will be the #notme movement! My paintings about Women's Issues are meant to bring about discussion of these issues and to inspire resistance to the "traditional" roles of women in today's society.

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